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Designer and Model

The Brand

Founded nearly 40 years ago by Jennifer Chang, Jye's International Inc. has evolved from a major provider of fine South Sea and cultured pearls to a high-end designer/manufacturer of classic and contemporary diamond and precious gemstone jewelry. Since our humble beginnings, our services have expanded across international borders and reached global corners.

At Jye's, we pride ourselves in selecting only G/VS+ premium cut diamonds and fine colored gemstones of the highest quality to craft beautiful pieces of artwork. Our jewelry combines top-quality materials, exquisite design, and remarkable workmanship to reflect the elegance and natural beauty of those who wear it.


Throughout the years, we have maintained our unwavering commitment to pursuing exceptional quality. Thank you for coming with us on this journey.

Our Commitment to Quality

From materials to manufacturing, Jye's jewelry is among the highest quality in the industry. We cater to an elite consumer; one who values the craftsmanship and artistry that goes into each piece, in addition to the time and effort it takes to sourcing our premium cut diamonds and colored gemstones. The result is simply breathtaking, allowing the wearer to experience luxury at its finest.

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Our Diamonds

All of our diamond melee and side stones are F-G color and VS clarity, with the exception of our diamond baguettes which are F color and VVS clarity. We maintain this quality not only for our heirloom pieces but for our diamond fashion jewelry as well. In addition to color and clarity, our diamonds are premium cut and perfectly matched, giving Jye's jewelry that little bit of extra sparkle.

Jye's Jewelry

Our Materials

Every Jye's piece is made from either 18k gold or platinum. Our platinum alloy is palladium based, providing it with extra strength and longevity when compared to other platinum alloys on the market.

Our Craftsmanship

After establishing our very own manufacturing facility, we gained a crucial advantage in maintaining the supply and quality control of our products. When you turn a piece of Jye's jewelry over in your hand, you will notice that every angle is exceptionally finished. You may not be able to see these details when the jewelry is worn, but it's quality you can feel. That buttery soft polished metal will have you reaching for Jye's pieces time and time again.

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